About Us

Puertoricanmarket.com is an online store specializing in delivering the traditional Puerto Rican cuisine products to all Puerto Ricans, particularly those that are located within the United States and who otherwise would not have these products available to them where they live . Although the concept is aimed mostly to Puerto Ricans, people of many nationalities who enjoy the food and / or traditional products from Puerto Rico, also benefit from this innovative concept and this new way to do grocery shopping. Among the products distributed is the Puerto Rican coffee, renowned worldwide for its delicious taste and aroma, as well as rubs and marinades, cooking bases, seasonings, sauces, flours, rice, cereals, cookies, and chocolates among others.

The inspiration for Puertoricanmarket.com arose in 2010 when a group of friends traveled from Puerto Rico to a small town within the United States. After looking around and getting to know the surrounding areas, they realized they had not seen any place where they could purchase products from Puerto Rico to cook. Asking some locals they learned that the nearest place where you could get several Puerto Rican products, was over an hour away. For someone who had just relocated to the United States and still had no transportation of their own, an hour away turned out to be a big inconvenience.

Once back home, some of these friends decided to communicate with friends and family in the United States and asked them if and how available and accessible did they have Puerto Rican products to them. Some people said that the closest place they had was a couple of hours away. Others said that sometimes they could find just a few products nearby but very little variety and extremely high prices, therefore they often preferred not to buy them. The vast majority of people, however, said there were no products from Puerto Rico nearby, and that they depended on friends or relatives who would sometimes send them a couple of products, or they would wait until they could go to Puerto Rico, in order to bring some of the products with them back home. 

Thus in 2010 an initial test stage of Puertoricanmarket.com was launched, with only a small selection of the most common products, and a minimal campaign on social networks. Surprisingly people’s acceptance was immediate and soon orders began to come in from all over the United States. From Nevada, Texas, North Carolina to Alabama, among others, Puertoricanmarket.com began to gain popularity and its first customers, and to this day … we’re still going and growing. Our preferred marketing and promotion system is offered by our own customers, who continue to promote and support us. We are constantly adding new products to our store, offering specials and doing our best to bring a little bit of Puerto Rico to your house.